Friday, 16 September 2011

Legion of the Everblight Skin

Since getting an airbrush my life a both a commission painter and a hobbyist has gotten a lot easier. Jobs that would have taken me hours to do well can now be done in example is this Angelis from the Privateer Press range 'Legion of the Everblight'

I've done here a step by step 'How to paint Legion of the Everblight Skin' tutorial.

As is seen in the first two photo's I've assembled the Angelus and undercoated it black.
 From here I started with a base coat of Shadow Grey. I like this grey because it is not a straight grey but has some blue in it which is fantastic for Legion of the Everblight.
 After the base coat I started adding in Spacewolves Grey to the Shadow grey in what was probably a 3:1 Shadow to Spacewolf combination.

I continued adding more spacewolves grey to the mix as you can see in the photo below. As well its probably worth noticing that I'm beginning highlight the model by only applying the lighter shades to the higher points i.e. the upper parts of each wing fold and the top of the neck.

 And finally I finish off with straight spacewolves grey. Highlighting only the most extreme edges to give the model some really awesome contrast.

If you read this and liked it let me know by leaving a comment. As well if you'd like to see the finished model I'll be posting it up in a couple days.

As well remember if you'd like something painted don't hesitate to get into contact with us at: or use the link in the side bar to go to the inquiry form.

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