Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Irresistible Force Warmachine League: Week 2

Well after a bit of chopping and changing, then some shuffling, and re-organisation I finally got my round 2 games in for the Irresistible Force Warmachine League. My first opponent was a sir Jed Dwyer. A shifty little Skorne player who after about 10 turns I was able to finally win on caster kill...(stupid skorne) I was playing eHaley's new tier 4 list 'Stormbringers' only because I've heard quite a bit of whinging about it so far from people I though why not crack this puppy out and give her a go. Here's some photo's of the first couple of turns.

My second opponent was one Eddie Cooper. Having deftly lulled me into a false sense of security by telling me that he knew nothing of Legion of the Everblight. He proceded to trounce me primarily by smashing Absylonia into oblivion with is Gorton Basher...I've really got to get a grip when it comes to playing my Legion. They are the faction that I'm least experienced with and it definitely shows. Perhaps running a more versatile list next time will help. Only time will tell. Here's a couple of photo's from that game.

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