Monday, 19 September 2011

eStryker and the lightning crew

At least that's what I've named them. Ive recently received a new commission to paint a small Cygnar force for one of my clients. Its a list focused around eStryker and such and I'm really glad that I get to paint this...why? Do I hear you ask? Because I myself am a big Cygnar fan at last estimate over a 100pts worth!!!

So here it is!!! The force semi-ish complete...there are still a few models to come from the client...

What I love about painting for this client is he always gets me to do really cool bases. So for this project the theme is war torn battlefield which features sandbags, barb wire, and tank spikes. All very cool and I'm definitely looking forward to painting these guys.

Remember if you were thinking of getting something painted be sure to drop me an email at : or use the inquiry contact form to the right.

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