Sunday, 18 September 2011

Irresistible Force Warmachine League Week 1

So part of the reason we all love to have painted mini's is to play with painted mini's...that being said Irresistible Force has begun running an 8 week league for Warmachine in two divisions a 25/35pt and a 35/50pt. As it just so happens it all began this week. Here are a couple of photo's of me losing to Gav 'Slardy' Clarke in the 25pt division with my legion army...(note you can see the fully painted Angelus here...only just lol)

After something like 5-6 turns in the end Gav managed to clip eThagrosh to death with some stupid pikemen...not something I was expecting lol

As well in the 35/50 pt division I played a fine young gentleman by the name of Aaron Pyke...Aaron was up against it with my eHaley list which I've just discovered how to use Telekinesis (I'm such a muppet) Each turn I was able to pretty much turn a large portion of his force around to face the opposite direction as he was playing a beast heavy Troll army.

I didn't get any pics but must remind myself to take photos in the future...will probably try and get a picture or two up of my storm strider who has been able to succesfully die without doing any damage on 4 occasions now...YAY...

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