Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to fill gaps on a miniature

Quite often in the miniature world we find that as we pull our miniatures out of the packet/box and start putting them together there are glaringly obvious gaps where two pieces are meant to meet. So what do we do?


Most gamers who have been around for awhile know about gap filling. And I know as a commission painter that especially on metal miniatures I find myself doing this a lot. So here is a simple 3 step guide to plugging the gap and making sure that (as best as possible) it doesn't show up once it's painted.

I've chosen this great example of a Privateer Press 'Raptor Cavalry' Model to demonstrate how this is done.
This is a picture of the assembled model...notice the huge gap between the neck and the body...no amount of pushing it together was going to close this gap. So I got out my modeling putty and mixed up a small ball to gap fill this and 5 other models.

Rolling out the putty into a snake like shape gently press it into the gap. Remember you don't need to fill the entire gap. Just enough so from the outside it looks good. So that's what I've done here...just enough to cover the visible gap...
Finally I've taken a sculpting tool and created a similar texture to that of the surrounding fur. While obvious here in this photo you see when its painted that it hides the gap quite well.

So there you go! Quick and easy providing a great result. If you have any questions leave them in the comment box below

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