Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cryx Battle Box

I've done up a small Cryx force just for something fun to paint. I really wanted to show how making your own custom bases for your army can really bring a lot of character and variety to your force. As you can see I've done raised platform style bases for all the Cryx models here.

Here's a close up of the big guy. I find with the new plastic jacks its well worth it to take a bit of time to find a cool pose for them. Turn the head, have an arm pointing or something. It gives the model a more dynamic feel.

With the Skarlock (I know not in the Cryx Battle Box) I wanted to further accentuate the already awesome pose that it has. To do this I gave it a raised platform and then chipped away at the cork underneath to give it an overhanging cliff look. I made sure to drive some brass rod from the Skarlock into the cork and down to the base to help support the model and give it some strength. I think it's little things like this that can give a really great appearance to key models.

Finally we come to Denegra. The Cryx battle box Denegra comes with a pretty set pose. Fortunately it is really cool. Again going with the raised platform I decided to add some 'scenery' to the base. With the 'tree' in the back round it creates a much greater visual effect than simply having Denegra stand there. Note the directional correlation between her spear and the angle of the branches. Again small things really help bring a model to life and something as simple as putting a stick onto a base has certainly achieved that in this case.

Well that's all for this 'unboxing' of the Cryx Battle Box I guess you could call it. As the force gets painted there will be updates you can be sure.

And remember if you like what you see or if you have any questions or comments just leave a message in the comm box below.

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