Sunday, 30 October 2011


So in case you haven't noticed my last few posts have been on a particular theme...that is the Cryx force that is slowly growing right under my nose. One of the things I've added to the force, and was in my original post about the Cryx battle box was the Skarlock.

Now the skarlock is a tricky model to make look right. There are elements which are clearly suppose to be hard and sharp and others that are 'cloudy' or 'fluid' that need to be painted as such. So hopefully I've been able to pull that off effectively. I'm still undecided whether or not he's done just yet. But only time, and my overly self critical mind will tell.

Oh and what the's a picture of one of the bone jacks as well...


Friday, 28 October 2011

Satyxis Raider

To compliment my Cryx Battle Box I went with a small unit of Satyxis Raiders. Why add these you ask? Well I picked em' up for cheap on eBay that's why lol. Turns out they're a pretty awesome little unit when combined with a few other elements in the game. But that the painting!!!

I went with the tan coloured leather for the boots etc to help it tie back into the overall feel of the army. But as well to give them a more 'aquatic feel' I went with a turquoise robe/dress. Coupled with teh blues on the base it makes the model feel cooler and helps give it an ocean feel.

I have the rest of the unit painted but as I went to photograph them I realised there were a few bits and pieces not done yet that I didn't want to show off just yet. So you must settle for this lady for right now.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cryx Battle Box...let's see how far we've come.

So a while ago I posted some pics of the Cryx battle box that I had assembled and done some really cool bases for. If you don't remember...the blog post is HERE

Well I've gone to work on them trying different paint colour schemes...some I kinda liked...some I didn't...some I didn't feel i could pull throughout the entire army...

Anyways I finally found a colour scheme which ticked all the boxes for a personal project.

A) Pushes my painting ability.

B) Interests me visually (i.e. it looks cool)

C) Fits well with the theme of the faction I'm painting.

With this colour scheme I'm using a lot of contrasting colours to help add interest to each piece. If there isn't enough colour in the model I might chuck some colour on the base. I add details to help draw in the viewer. Here's a picture of the Slayer that I painted...

Is it perfect? No...I constantly see flaws in my painting style. But it certainly is cool to me for the moment.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Building a base for the big boy...

So the time has come to create the base for the Eldar Reaver Titan model that I've been painting. It'd be a shame to put so much effort into painting a model and then not have at least something semi-cool to put it on. So that's what I did. Tossing around a few ideas and finally settling on a ruined building that the Titan can be stepping through.

One of the keys I've found to painting scenic bases is to try adding a bit of colour. It's easy enough to say well the building would be grey and the surrounding dirt and rubble would be grey. But go and have a look at an old building and see, that while there is usually one overriding 'colour' After years of exposure there is dirt, mold, moss, discoloration etc...This makes for a visually interesting piece. Likewise when trying to replicate old building it helps to throw a bit of colour around.

Hope you like it. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Missing parts...or how to get creative!

I recently picked up a Stormclad Warjack for $8...

$8 you say?!?!? Yes that's right $8...the only catch was that it was missing a base...head...and sword...Well I decided to get it anyway. The reason being is... I have a massive bitz box with which I'll surely be able to find something cool to replace the parts...or worst case scenario I just order the replacement parts from PP...

But for the moment let's go with the rummaging through the bitz box.

I found myself a sword that used to belong the an ogre from an Ogre Kingdoms army that i build painted and consequently sold last year. It's about the right size to go on the storm clad but it doesn't exactly fit the 'Steampunk' theme that is Warmachine. So my plan???? I'll be building a small generator and coils to go around the hilt of the sword...most likely hijacking a spacemarine part or two and some guitar string...

Let me know what you think I should do...either to the sword...or the head....

Monday, 10 October 2011

eStryker...and his electric posse

Recently finished a commission for a small Cygnar force. Here it is.

If you'd like something painted then be sure to shoot me an email:

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Display Base WIP

So I said yesterday that I'd be doing a display base for the new 'space elf wraithbike'. Well I couldn't help myself and I got started on one last night. Here it is so far...

Its a simple piece. It will have the model 'flying' over the top of the ruin on an angle. All in all I think this is going to turn out looking very cool. That's all...transmission over.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Miniatures - From Mousemuffins

There has been a recent craze sweeping the modelling section of my local forum. And that craze is over the miniatures being produced by a user called Mousemuffins. Now usually known for his painting and modelling skills Craig has now demonstrated to the world he makes a mean scratch built miniature too. I recently got mine in the mail. And while I don't at all play 40k or collect any 40k armies I just had to get my hands on one of these to paint. The 'space elf wraithbike' that I received was the first in a growing number of models in his range.

Here's my quick review of the miniature.

First up...straight out of the packet I couldn't see any visible mold lines. So I went looking...after turning the miniature round and round looking at it from different angles I finally found one or two that were of such little consequence and took a few seconds to clean up. For a painter this is such a great quality to have in a sculpt. You get to spend less time filing, sanding, scraping and more time painting.

Apart from the entire miniature needing next to no cleaning up...the sculpt itself is just superb. You can see from the picture how good the visual lines are on this thing. And once you get past that there are some very cool little details here and there which create a great points of interest and will look great once painted up.

If you are looking for alternative miniatures for an Eldar army I would definitely be taking a look at some of Mousemuffins miniatures. Or even if you don't and plan to make a display piece for a competition or just to put in the cabinet. I'd be thinking of getting one just for the sheer coolness factor.

So how do you get one?

Craig assures me that he'll have a website up soon. But in the mean time you can get in contact with him here:

Or have a look at his mini's here:

Or failing that shoot me an email and I'll pass your details along to him...

In the coming weeks I'll be doing up a scenic base for this mini and painting it up. To show just what you can do with it. Be looking out for that. And as always leave a comment or a question. I love hearing from you guys!