Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cryx Battle Box...let's see how far we've come.

So a while ago I posted some pics of the Cryx battle box that I had assembled and done some really cool bases for. If you don't remember...the blog post is HERE

Well I've gone to work on them trying different paint colour schemes...some I kinda liked...some I didn't...some I didn't feel i could pull throughout the entire army...

Anyways I finally found a colour scheme which ticked all the boxes for a personal project.

A) Pushes my painting ability.

B) Interests me visually (i.e. it looks cool)

C) Fits well with the theme of the faction I'm painting.

With this colour scheme I'm using a lot of contrasting colours to help add interest to each piece. If there isn't enough colour in the model I might chuck some colour on the base. I add details to help draw in the viewer. Here's a picture of the Slayer that I painted...

Is it perfect? No...I constantly see flaws in my painting style. But it certainly is cool to me for the moment.

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