Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Miniatures - From Mousemuffins

There has been a recent craze sweeping the modelling section of my local forum. And that craze is over the miniatures being produced by a user called Mousemuffins. Now usually known for his painting and modelling skills Craig has now demonstrated to the world he makes a mean scratch built miniature too. I recently got mine in the mail. And while I don't at all play 40k or collect any 40k armies I just had to get my hands on one of these to paint. The 'space elf wraithbike' that I received was the first in a growing number of models in his range.

Here's my quick review of the miniature.

First up...straight out of the packet I couldn't see any visible mold lines. So I went looking...after turning the miniature round and round looking at it from different angles I finally found one or two that were of such little consequence and took a few seconds to clean up. For a painter this is such a great quality to have in a sculpt. You get to spend less time filing, sanding, scraping and more time painting.

Apart from the entire miniature needing next to no cleaning up...the sculpt itself is just superb. You can see from the picture how good the visual lines are on this thing. And once you get past that there are some very cool little details here and there which create a great points of interest and will look great once painted up.

If you are looking for alternative miniatures for an Eldar army I would definitely be taking a look at some of Mousemuffins miniatures. Or even if you don't and plan to make a display piece for a competition or just to put in the cabinet. I'd be thinking of getting one just for the sheer coolness factor.

So how do you get one?

Craig assures me that he'll have a website up soon. But in the mean time you can get in contact with him here:

Or have a look at his mini's here:

Or failing that shoot me an email and I'll pass your details along to him...

In the coming weeks I'll be doing up a scenic base for this mini and painting it up. To show just what you can do with it. Be looking out for that. And as always leave a comment or a question. I love hearing from you guys!

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