Sunday, 30 October 2011


So in case you haven't noticed my last few posts have been on a particular theme...that is the Cryx force that is slowly growing right under my nose. One of the things I've added to the force, and was in my original post about the Cryx battle box was the Skarlock.

Now the skarlock is a tricky model to make look right. There are elements which are clearly suppose to be hard and sharp and others that are 'cloudy' or 'fluid' that need to be painted as such. So hopefully I've been able to pull that off effectively. I'm still undecided whether or not he's done just yet. But only time, and my overly self critical mind will tell.

Oh and what the's a picture of one of the bone jacks as well...



  1. I love the weathering on the jacks, the leaky rust effect looks very nice.

  2. Thanks mate, I've only really just started playing around with Oils and am really enjoying what I'm able to do with them