Friday, 28 October 2011

Satyxis Raider

To compliment my Cryx Battle Box I went with a small unit of Satyxis Raiders. Why add these you ask? Well I picked em' up for cheap on eBay that's why lol. Turns out they're a pretty awesome little unit when combined with a few other elements in the game. But that the painting!!!

I went with the tan coloured leather for the boots etc to help it tie back into the overall feel of the army. But as well to give them a more 'aquatic feel' I went with a turquoise robe/dress. Coupled with teh blues on the base it makes the model feel cooler and helps give it an ocean feel.

I have the rest of the unit painted but as I went to photograph them I realised there were a few bits and pieces not done yet that I didn't want to show off just yet. So you must settle for this lady for right now.

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