Thursday, 14 June 2012

Space Hulk...So much detail

Recently I was commissioned to paint a Space Hulk board game. Having never had a look at the miniatures myself up close I was really excited to see what Games Workshop had come up with. The first thing I noticed was that the plastic they used is a much harder plastic than what I was used to.

Did not make it fun trying to scrape mould lines lol

Secondly and I think more importantly is the level of detail an individuality of each model. Especially among the terminators. So many little purity seals and decals and tid bits to paint...a major win for my client as it took me much longer that expected to paint (seeing as I generally refuse to adjust my quote halfway through a job) But none the less the Space Hulk miniatures are very impressive which is what you come to expect from Games Workshop despite whatever feelings you might have towards them for what they did to Warhammer....(sigh I was driven into the arms of another manufacturer..)

Anyways I know you're not here to listen to my ramblings anyways so here's some pretty pictures to keep your attention.

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